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Hello Fort Smith! I am Dave Adams...owner of DEA Valet Boat and RV Indoor Storage. Our service to you and your boat will help you enjoy your vacation time with your friends and family. Has your trip ever been spoiled by a simple issue with a boat or RV that could have been avoided? Yes everyone're not alone.

Our 50,000 square foot indoor storage facility will help you save time and energy all year. Just think about your summer... you take off early on a Friday need your boat ready, not wanting to waste any daylight so you can get a set in on your wakeboard before the sun goes down. We will have your boat out of storage, in the front secure loading area, ready for you to hitch up. You notice your boat is clean and shiny, since we just washed it free of charge. Your tires are fully inflated, and the battery will be ready and charged after a long sit. This will save you time and worry on the way to the lake.

Sounds cool huh?

Indoor storage is the best storage for a boat, RV, car, trailer, sea doo, motor cycle... the list is endless. For our RV customers in Feburary we will have a 14 foot door for the BIG RV motor coachs to get in. The finish on your boat will last longer and look better every time you pick it up for playtime. Every time you bring it back to the Valet Storage you just pull up...chock the tires and unhook from the truck. We pull it in, wash it, and store it for you. Once inside the storage facility...your boat will have the chance to get lots of service that you can't get in a self storage facility. Some of the items listed below will be additional charges beyond your monthly storage fee.

· 50,000 square feet of indoor storage!
· Battery trickle systems
· Detail service
· Ice for your trip by the 5 gallon bucket!
· Motor start ups once every two weeks...keeping your carburetor clean
· Dealers can pick up your boat with permission...without your attendance
· 24/7 secure loading and unloading area
· Conveniently located in Fort Smith on I-540 across from Target
· Security system with video camera surveillance
· Power lines for RV hook ups

Future services available for you
· Propane refill station
· Online grocery service...ship it to us, we can stock your RV for you
· On site service for your boat or RV by Dealers
· Boat or RV Delivery to any location
· Boat or RV pick up from any location

We are here to serve you. If you need us to perform a service...we can add it to our list. Please just ask, and we will do our best to take care of you. We will be updating our website with more information in the future so check back with us!

Thanks for your business!

Dave Adams
DEA Valet Boat and RV Indoor Storage